5 Best Vacation Destinations in America

5 Best Vacation Destinations in America

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5 Best Vacation Destinations in America

There are plenty of amazing vacation destinations in the United States. The country, which stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, offers such a wide selection of different places, that it can accommodate any vacationer. Whether one is looking to visit a more exotic place with palm-trees and sun soaked beaches, or is looking to do some camping in the woods, or is looking for something in between, every single one of these choices can found without ever needing to leave the country. Additionally, the country has a tremendous number of museums and monuments, which can greatly appeal to any person interested in the history of their country. Therefore, as one can imagine, since the United States offers such a numerous selection of great destinations appealing to many different interest and preferences, it may be difficult to unequivocally decide on a list of the absolute best vacation destinations in America. However, there are several places, which due to their historical importance, inspiring architecture or beautiful landscapes, appear to emerge as winners in this particular race.

One of the most important, and certainly one of the best five vacation destinations in the United States, is Washington D.C. In addition to being to place of business for the majority of government institutions, from the White House which has been the place of residence of acting U.S presidents for centuries to the Capitol building where members of Congress enact legislation, to the district is also known for multiple museums and monuments such as the Smithsonian and the Washington monument with its famous Reflecting Pool.

Another great vacation destination in America is the Grand Canyon. This beautiful peace of nature’s architecture can be awe inspiring for even the least interested individuals, and should be experienced at least once by every person living in the United States.

When listing great vacation destinations, one can never forget New York City, with its main borough of Manhattan being filled with not only beautiful examples of modern architecture, is also filled, similar to Washington D.C., with numerous museums and monuments. Any person, who ever visits this city should choose to visit the Statue of Liberty, which has been the symbol of the numerous cultures that make up the United States.

Another two great vacation destinations in America are the Yellowstone Park and Mount Rushmore. While the fist one is one of the most beautiful natural areas of the country, the second shows the advantage of human skill and intellect. Additionally, both are also one of the most symbolic places in America, and are known all around the world. Overall, there are numerous amazing places in the United States and it is difficult to pick the five best vacation spots. However, these five choices are all very beautiful areas, and additionally they are both of historical and cultural importance.

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