Choosing an Air Conditioner

Choosing an Air Conditioner

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Choosing an Air Conditioner

During a summer heat wave when the sweltering temperatures reach the triple digit benchmark an air conditioner can be your best friend. Some people will go to great lengths to try and stay cool. They’ll go to the movie theater to watch a movie they don’t want to see just to sit in a dark air conditioned room. They’ll wander the frozen food aisle at the grocery store for hours just to stay cool. You can avoid doing all these things by investing in an air conditioner. When looking at air conditioners there are three types that you need to consider: portable air conditioners, room air conditioners, and central air conditioners.

Portable air conditioners are a popular because of their versatility. These air conditioning units often combine other features such as dehumidification and heating all in one to make them multi-functional. They also offer cooling benefits in more than one room because they can be moved from room to room as needed. These units are especially popular with people who live in apartments because of the easy installation or lack there of. Portable air conditioners are typically more expensive than room conditioners.
A more economical solution to dealing with the heat is a room air conditioner unit. These air conditioning unit requires permanent installation, usually on a window or exterior wall. Since the installation is permanent room air conditioners are generally not a good idea for those living in apartments. The downside to room air conditioners is that they’re only able to cool one room down. So during a heat wave you may find yourself spending a lot of time in the one room with an air conditioning unit. A room air conditioner unit will typically set you back a couple hundred dollars.

Some homeowners may choose to go with a central air conditioning system. These are very popular with homeowners, bu t they do require sizable investment and must be installed using the home’s ducting system. A central air conditioning system must be installed professionally. The benefits of a central air conditioning system is that they will cool down the whole house as opposed to the single room of a room air conditioning unit. The downside to them is that they’ll also cool down areas of the house that do not need cooling such as closets, basements, and storage areas. Another downside is that central air conditioning systems will run into the thousands of dollars.

By getting one of these type of air conditioning systems you could say goodbye to sleepless nights of tossing and turning during a sweltering summer evening. Buy one now because you’re going to be wishing you have one when the mercury rises this summer.

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