Cleaning Jobs

Cleaning Jobs

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Cleaning Jobs

Kids growing up may not have dreams of having a cleaning job working as a janitor, housekeeper, or hotel cleaning maid. While it may not be as prestigious as other professions it is a necessary job that needs to be done. In an age where countless jobs in call centers and manufacturing are being outsourced to other countries every year you can always count on cleaning jobs to stay on these shores. Cleaning jobs are one for the few jobs available that is one hundred percent resistance to outsourcing. If you’re a hard worker who’s looking for a stable job then getting a cleaning job might be an option for you.

Cleaning jobs can put you to work in many different environments. You might work as a janitor working in a school, office building, or hospital. You might work as an independent housekeeper with your own clients or as a housekeeper working for a cleaning agency. You might work as a hotel cleaning maid working in hotels and resorts. Whatever environment you work in the job requirements are generally the same. It’ll involve a lot of cleaning that includes dusting, organizing, cleaning, and washing. Some janitorial jobs may require you to be a handyman as well doing light maintenance around the facilities. Some cleaning job may even offer opportunities to work as managers and leads in charge of a team of cleaning professionals if you have the right experience and leadership skills.

The requirements for cleaning jobs are generally very minimal. No formal education is required and you don’t need a degree or a high school education to get a cleaning job. All of the training you’ll need to properly do your job is done with on the job training. Some people may opt to work as a freelance cleaner working as personal cleaner for multiple homes and even business. As a freelancer you’ll need some marketing and small business skills to get your name out there. This may include placing newspaper and online ads to find work opportunities.

The salary for cleaning jobs is quite modest compared to other jobs. The median full time salary for janitors and building cleaners is around $22,210 per year or $10.68 an hour. For those who decide to work as a freelance cleaner you can make much more if you have a healthy client base. Though working as a freelancer is more risky as you can make very little or a lot depending on how much work you want to put into your cleaning business.

Outsourcing is something that has happened in many industries. For people who may have lost a job to outsourcing getting a cleaning job can be a nice job if you’re looking for work that is guaranteed to never move overseas.

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