High Protein Diets

High Protein Diets

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High Protein Diets

With the New Year kicking off to a great start, many people are putting their health as a top priority on their lists. While some are exercising, others are focusing on maintaining a good diet to build muscle and lose weight. If you are looking to lose weight fast while building muscle mass, a protein diet might be your best option. Protein diets consist of low fats and low carbs, but high proteins. While these can be a great way to lose quick weight and look great on a schedule, they do have their disadvantages as well. Overall, your lifestyle will determine if this particular diet is the correct choice for you.

Protein diets do have their advantages. For starters, they get results that are desired by those who are dieting. They are a great way to obtain quick weight loss. Most of this weight is water, but nonetheless it disappears with this diet. Also, the quick loss is good for a confidence boost. It commonly motivates the dieter in to eating healthier and exercising more, making the diet plan stick. Also, a drop in cholesterol levels is associated with a high protein diet. As a result, blood pressure is not as high and risk of various diseases including heart disease is also lessened. Finally, a high protein diet makes the dieter feel full for longer because protein takes longer to digest than any other food group.

While protein diets have their advantages, there are disadvantages associated with them, as well. One severe effect is that, while the normal cholesterol levels fall, some levels of dangerous forms of cholesterol rise, making it even riskier. Also, after the initial weight loss, it is common for dieters to gain the weight right back since most of the weight loss was water weight. Also, with a lack of carbohydrates, the body enters as state known as ketosis. In this state, weight is lost rapidly. However, once the diet is over or the body adjusts to it, this state ceases and the body gain weight back. Furthermore, this can cause headaches and irritability along with the weight gain.

Finally, by engaging in a high protein diet, the body is being forced to go without key nutrients it needs. Certain fats and carbohydrates are necessary for normal brain function and energy movement. Also, fruits and vegetables are not included in the diet, but necessary for various vitamins and nutrients not found in high protein foods.

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