Housekeeping Jobs

Housekeeping Jobs

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Housekeeping Jobs

In TV shows like the Brady Bunch the housekeeper job is often romanticized in pop culture. Alice the likeable housekeeper from the Brady Bunch often spent more time doling out life advice to the Brady kids than cleaning the house. It’s not the job of a housekeeper to be a quasi-youth counselor. As a housekeeper your job will involve dusting, wiping, washing, cleaning, and maintaining the home.

Getting a housekeeper job can get you working in a wide range of setting and environments. You can get a housekeeper job working alone cleaning a home or you may get a housekeeper job working as part of a housekeeping team. You can get a housekeeping job working for a home cleaning company such as Maid Brigade or Merry Maids. When you work for a home cleaning agency such as those mentioned you will generally be working as part of a team of about four to six housekeeping professionals. There is usually one housekeeper lead who is responsible for delegating who gets what task and makes sure the cleaning job meets the standards of the company. You may be asked to clean someone’s home or an office building. Some people who have a housekeeping job don’t work for a housekeeping company and operate independently as a freelance housekeeper. Working as a freelance housekeeper allows you the freedom to be your own boss and set your own hours. While those are some great benefits there is some risk in freelancing. You can make more money than a housekeeper working with a cleaning company or you can make a lot less. It depends on how large your client base is.

The requirements to getting a housekeeping job is very minimal. To get any entry level housekeeping position you don’t even need a high school diploma. The required skills you’ll need to become a housekeeper will be learned on the job or it’ll be skill you already have from maintaining and cleaning your own home. If you want to work in the hospitality industry at a hotel managing a department of housekeepers then you might need a degree from a hospitality management program.

The median salary for a typical housekeeper is quite modest. A typical housekeeper in the United States can expect to earn about $21,873. The job outlook for housekeepers in the United states is quite good. Unlike other industries the housekeeper jobs can never be outsourced so they’ll always be jobs available. If you’re enjoy being neat, clean, and tidy then getting a job as a housekeeper might be a good fit for you.

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