Outdoor Dining Sets

Outdoor Dining Sets

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Outdoor Dining Sets

It’s Spring and your thoughts turn to cleaning up the patio or deck and getting it ready for the BBQ’s of summer. But as you look over the leaf strewn deck, there is one thing that becomes clear: You need a new outdoor dining set. I’m not saying you want a new outdoor dining set, I’m saying you NEED a new outdoor dining set. The old one just won’t do. It’s old, shaky and rickety, it’s showing the years and the many other parties and BBQ’s that have been held upon it, the stains and chips of its long life of service to you, your friends and family. Time to retire the old, and buy the new.

Your Outdoor Dining Set

Of course, once you decide to replace your outdoor dining set, you will notice that your other outdoor furniture is now looking shabby and rundown. That’s right, If you are thinking of replacing one, you might as well replace it all at once and get a better bargain in the deal. Now you can get a good deal on things like outdoor couches and chairs, tables and side tables, a bar and maybe even a fire pit. A fire pit would be real nice for those parties that last until dark. When you do decide how to refurnish your patio you should keep with the theme of your patio design. If you don’t have a real patio design, now would be a great time to set one with the new outdoor dining sets and furnishings you plan to bring in. So, if your patio is plain with no theme you can now get some life into it and create a fun, relaxing and entertaining environment for you, your family and friends.

A DIY Outdoor Dining Set?

If you decide to just go with the outdoor dining set, and skip the whole new outdoor furniture and theme treatment, you might what to look into getting used or vintage outdoor dining sets that you can refurbish yourself. There are several available for cheap at yard sales, estate sales or thrift stores that mostly just need a coat of paint (Rustoleum works the best) a wrench and a little imagination to start looking great again. You can not only save yourself money (always important) but have the pride of telling everyone how much that great outdoor dining set you have actually cost. Of course, if you do a great job, you might have your friends asking you to come over and preform miracles on their outdoor dining sets as well.

Whether you go all new with an all encompassing theme, or you decide to skip the expense of the new outdoor dining sets and have a DIY set, remember to take some time, slow down have a beer (or a Coke) and enjoy the deck, enjoy the patio. And the BBQ.

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