Planning Your Theme Park Vacation

Planning Your Theme Park Vacation

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Planning Your Theme Park Vacation

Theme parks have been entertaining Americans since the early 1900’s. Back in those days the early roller coasters wowed crowds with its exhilarating dips and climbs. Times have changed since then. Mainly the size and scope of the amusement rides. Some roller coasters reaching towering heights and speeds that would rival a race car. While many things have changed with theme parks America’s love affair with this beloved past time has not. When it comes to making decisions about your next vacation destination you can’t go wrong with choosing to spend it at a theme park.

Theme parks make excellent vacation destinations over visiting other landmarks such as the Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon. It’s not exactly a secret that kids love theme parks. Ask any kid whether they’d rather see a dam named after a former president or the home of their favorite Disney character and 100% of the time the kids will choose the latter. While visiting the Hoover dam may make for a great educational opportunity on the American waterways and former presidents a theme park is fully focused and designed to be fun. Isn’t that what a vacation is all about? Having fun.

When planning your vacation to a theme park there are many things you can do to save yourself some money. Buying your tickets online can be a simple thing you can do to save money when planning your theme park vacation. In this computer driven age you were probably going to do that anyways. Plus, this simple act will have multiple benefits. First of all, you’ll get a discounted price. Second of all, you’ll save time by bypassing the ticket counters. That’s more time for the rides. If you’re planning on spending multiple days at the amusement park then you’ll definitely want to consider buying a multi-day pass. Let’s be honest. It’s going to take at least several days to ride every single ride in the theme park. Theme parks will slash their daily rate the more for each day and you can get some huge savings by buying a multi-day pass. If your theme park vacation includes a hotel stay then you can save lots of money. Before buying admission tickets and booking your room look into a package deal. Many theme parks partner with nearby hotels and will package admission and hotel stay into one cheaper and convenient package deal.

You and your family will enjoy your theme park vacation getaway. Nothing is more fun than spending the riding coasters and taking pictures with your favorite cartoon characters. They call it the happiest place on earth for a reason. Go to a theme park and be happy.

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