Signs of Diabetes

Signs of Diabetes

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Signs of Diabetes

Once, diabetes was a fairly rare disease, affecting only a few. Over the decades it has grown to near epidemic proportions, with thousands on new cases being diagnosed every year. Since there is as of yet no known cure for diabetes, it’s span is also your lifespan. There is not getting over of curing it, you have to learn to live with and manage it.

Causes of Diabetes

Diabetes is the result too much sugar in the bloodstream. Usually sugar is controlled by the production of insulin, but with diabetes, the production of insulin is affected to the degree that the build up of sugar becomes a life threatening disease. Diabetes is actually more than one disease, but a disease with several variants and offshoots. While the exact cause that triggers diabetes is unknown, it is known that obesity and wright plays a role.

Type 1 diabetes: usually found in children and young adults, and is usually caused by obesity. The trigger is unknown, but daily insulin injections can be used to control type 1 diabetes and effectively manage it so you can live your life.

Type 2 diabetes: is the more severe form of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is the more common type of diabetes and easiest to manage.

Gestational diabetes: is the usually the result of high blood sugar due to pregnancy.

The signs of diabetes

The symptoms and signs of diabetes will tend to vary greatly. These signs of diabetes will include blurry vision, fatigue, and hunger. also frequent urination, extreme thirst, and even weight loss. To properly diagnose diabetes, certain tests like urine analysis (for testing high blood sugar) will have to be preformed. Also test to check blood glucose levels, along with the hemoglobin A1c test, and finally the oral glucose tolerance test.

As stated, there is at this time no cure for diabetes, but it can be treated and lived with, simply by managing your symptoms and monitoring your glucose levels. With vigilance and lifestyle changes, (such as diet and more exercise) you can live your life even with diabetes.

In closing, diabetes is a common disease, but one that can be kept under control with the proper diagnosis and treatment. Don’t let its very commonness lure you into any false security, as diabetes can cause kidney disease, nervous system problems, eye problems, heart attack and stroke. With the proper you can maintain a normal life even while living with diabetes.

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