Ways to Increase Gas Mileage

Ways to Increase Gas Mileage

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Ways to Increase Gas Mileage

With the price of fuel skyrocketing, it is important to find ways to improve your gas mileage. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways to do so. One common way is to properly maintain your vehicle. Secondly, you can drive more sensibly. Also, planning around long commutes by combining trips and using public transportation is another great way to decrease gas usage. Finally, choosing an efficient vehicle is important to improving fuel efficiency.

The first way to improve fuel efficiency is to drive more sensibly. By avoiding aggressive driving such as braking suddenly, accelerating sharply, and speeding, you can save on gas mileage. Observing the speed limit is a great way to be more fuel efficient. Studies show that fuel efficiency peaks at roughly 55 miles per hour. So, by keeping your vehicle at the speed limit instead of sneaking in those few extra miles per hour, you can save a ton of money on fuel. Secondly, remove any extra weight from your vehicle. Travelling lightly can save on gas mileage as well. Finally, avoid idling since it also wastes gas and always use the cruise control when the weather permits because a constant speed will also save on gas.

Secondly, make sure your car is in good condition. Keeping your engine in tune is a great way to save on gas mileage. Installing new plugs and wires to make sure the engine is firing properly is one way of doing this. Also, keep your tires properly inflated. This way, you can save gas mileage and the tires will even last longer. Finally, changing the oil and air filters will decrease gas usage. The right type of oil will keep the car running smoothly. Also, the correct filter will keep the engine free for circulation and work to improve your fuel efficiency.

Finally, travel by public transportation when possible. Using subway lines and buses will save on gas mileage because it will be more fuel efficient to buy a ticket or token than filling up your car for city driving. However, for times when this is not possible, buy a more fuel efficient car. There are tons of websites online to help with your search for a new car. Since fuel efficient cars are now becoming popular, it will not be too difficult or expensive. When you buy this new car, it is important to plan your trips out. Make sure to take the most direct route and combine trips, such as to the grocery store and pharmacy, in order to make the most of every commute.

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